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WenZhou kasin valve pipe fitting co ltd is specialized in producing stainless steel M and V profile press fitting DVGW W534 Stainless steel V profile press fitting JIS Copper M and V press fitting EN1254 Copper end feed fitting EN1254 Copper V profile press fitting AS3688 KASIN press fittings are widely used in water system gas system heating system fire protection We have registered brand as KASINPRESS in Germany and managed DVGW certification in 10th March 2018 It will be finished in Sep 2018 KASIN will offer quality products at modrate price with good services to our customers We are looking forward to cooperate with every customer from all over the

Categories and Products

Stainless Steel M Profile Press Fittings(DVGW)

Stainless Steel V Profile Press Fittings(DVGW)

Stainless Steel V-Profile Press Fittings(JIS)

Stainless Steel Thin Wall Welded Pipes(DVGW)

Carbon Steel M Profile Press Fittings(DVGW)

Copper Press Fitting(EN1254)

Copper Press Fitting(AS3688)

Copper End Feed Fitting(EN1254)

Press Tools

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Steel Pipe ElbowDIN Standard Stainless Steel ElbowElbow with Plain End Press FittingCopper V- Profile Reducer CouplingPress Plumbing Pipe Fitting SystemStainless Steel Female Tee FittingStainless Steel Tube and Press-FitV Profile Elbow Pipe Press Fittingvictaulic style 72 outlet couplingStainless Steel V Profile CouplingCopper M-profile Fititng for WaterV Profile Female Tee Press FittingStainless Steel Press Pipe FittingV Profile Pipe Bridge Press FittingMale Thread Equal Tee Press FittingCompression 45 Degree Elbow FittingM Steel Male Coupling Press FittingStainless Steel Press Pipe FittingsCopper M-profile Coupling for WaterSteel Press Elbow Extension FittingV Profile Plain Elbow Press FittingHydraulic Machine for Press FittingStainless Steel 316L Press FittingsV Profile Steel Elbow Press FittingReducing Coupling SS Press FittingsSteel Female Tee Press Pipe FittingStainless Steel Press Fitting ElbowStainless Steel V Press Fitting Teestainless steel press fit tolerancesStainless Steel 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