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Stainless steel press fitting for water and gas system


Stainless steel reactor mechanical seal selection

1, first of all to clear the basis for the choice of seal: the first is the pressure inside the reactor, the second is the nature of the work material. Another is the operating temperature of the device.

2, followed by a clear stainless steel autoclave used in the type of mechanical seal: the reactor used seal that is commonly referred to as two types of shaft seal, the first is the packing seal, the second is a mechanical seal, mechanical seal is divided into single seal (ie Single mechanical seal) and double machine seal (double mechanical seal). The single machine seal also includes a water jacket. The double machine seal is more complicated. Besides the water jacket (must have circulating cooling water), it also includes the matching Bracket, balance tank and so on.

3, how to choose the right mechanical seal: at room temperature and pressure, the material is not volatile nor flammable under the conditions of use, to select the packing seal; the pressure is less than 4 kg, the material volatile and flammable and explosive Under normal conditions of use, we must choose a single seal; in the working pressure of more than 4 kg (but less than 10 kg), the material volatile and flammable strong use conditions, you must choose double seal .

4, the advantages and disadvantages of various mechanical seals: packing seal the cheapest, but only for the most common conditions of use and materials; single machine seal moderate price, common in most conditions of use; double machine seal the most expensive price, but at Must be used under harsh working conditions.

5. According to their specific conditions of use is the most important: If you use the packing seal or stand-alone seal can be selected under the circumstances double seal, it will cause unnecessary waste of price; if you have to choose a double seal Under the circumstance that packing seal or stand-alone seal is selected, serious hidden danger will be left to future production safety and economic benefits. Therefore, according to the conditions of use select the appropriate form of seal is particularly important to determine the appropriate seal form, both to ensure that meet the conditions of use, but also to avoid unnecessary waste.

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